Launch Day for Mercy Road

About 18 months ago, I ran across the story of the American Women’s Hospital (AWH) and was surprised that I’d never heard of these brave women before. Their story is much bigger than this, but the gist of the matter is that female physicians in the US were not allowed to enter the military and serve during WWI or The Great War, as it was referred to back then. Therefore a group of women physicians joined together and formed all-female medical teams to go overseas on their own voluntarily. The Red Cross did provide some necessary help, but for the most part, the women functioned independently, although they did end up serving both civilians and soldiers alike. They worked very near the front lines, endangering themselves not for personal glory but simply to help those who most needed it. Very soon after I started reading about the AWH, a character began to come alive in my mind, and she ended up being Arlene Favier, the young female ambulance driver who became the lens for not only her story but that of the AWH as well.

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