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American Historical Novels

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just become one of the permanent moderators for American Historical Novels, a Facebook and Goodreads group for fans of historical fiction. Instead of a typical book club, we feature a different historical fiction author host each week. It all starts with an author interview, then for the remaining days the author will talk about his or her book, writing process, inspiration, how they found their agent/publisher, personal stories, favorite books, or anything else they want to share. Lively discussions follow.

I discovered American Historical Novels when I was invited to guest host in January. The week was such fun and I’ve been so impressed by the lovely positive engagement with readers that I jumped at the chance to become more involved.

If you love reading historical fiction, want to write historical fiction, or simply love everything about great books, please join our up-and-coming group on either Facebook or Goodreads or both. We would love to have you!

Next week’s guest host is Donna Everhart, bestselling author of The Road to Bittersweet and The Education of Dixie Dupree. Donna writes not-to-be-missed historical fiction set in the south with authentic characters and riveting plots. She will be discussing her latest novel, The Forgiving Kind, just published in January by Penguin/Random House.

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