The Ragged Edge of Night

About six months ago, my publisher asked me to read an upcoming novel, and if I liked it, write an author "blurb" to go with the description on the book's Amazon page. In essence it's an endorsement.

I had no problem writing a good review for this novel. At the time I had no idea that it would be chosen as an Amazon First Reads pick, which means that if you are a Prime member, you can download the Kindle edition during the month of September for free. This puts a spotlight on the book, and I was pleased to see it.

I love almost all WWII novels, but because there are so many out there, it's getting more difficult for authors to come up with original premises and characters. In Olivia Hawker's case, she had only to look at family history. The hero of the story is a Franciscan friar stripped of his role and school by the Nazis, who out of convenience, marries a widow with three children. As relationships develop and dangers intensify, who would've imagined what our friar-turned-husband-and-father would do?

This book is solidly plotted, well-written, and historically authentic. And you haven't read anything like it before. Enjoy and be moved...

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