Released in August, 2016
from Lake Union Publishing
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An exciting new historical novel set during the 1920s
A new novel set during the aftermath of the infamous 1900 storm.

                              Questions for Discussion

1.  Etta Rahn is perhaps the most complicated character in the novel.  Did you experience sympathy for her, or to you, was she the villain in this story?

2.  What did you think of Grace and Jonathan's relationship, and how did it change over the course of the story?

3.  Bernadette is another complex character featured in this novel.  Did you understand why she kept a family secret for so long, given the prejudices of the day?

4.  This story would not have been possible without the author learning about the true story of a Miss Girl who appeared in Galveston during the construction of the seawall.  What, to you, does she represent?  Is hers a tragic story or an enigma?

5.  This novel gives a glimpse into the lives of the poorest citizens of Galveston as well as some of its wealthiest.  What were the strengths and weaknesses of both groups?

6.  How did you feel about Grace's punishment when she was sent to work in the alleys, and did your feelings change?  How did the experience change Grace?

7.  Betrayal is a recurrent theme in this novel.  Which betrayal was the most destructive, and which betrayal was, in the end, the most beneficial?

8.  Grace's intentions toward The Girl were good and meant to be helpful.  How did Grace help and/or hurt The Girl?  

9.  When Grace's feelings for Ira began to change, how did you feel about it?  How was her relationship with Ira different from her relationship with Jonathan?

10.  In your opinion, could Grace's faith in her mother ever be restored?  Should it ever be restored?

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