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WILLA Award Finalist, Young Adult Fiction


Madolen yearns to see life in the world outside the red walls of her canyon. Leaving her reclusive gold-panning father, she is adopted by a kind Mormon family, but the unexpected death of a member of that family forces her to leave them. Now on her own, she finds work as a canyon guide for a handsome young Easterner and falls in love with him. But will life with him replace her canyon? In the background, the lure of gold and the dangerous beauty of the West's great canyons and mountains always call Madolen, along with the voices of her ancestors--the Navajo Old ones--and the song of Madolen's own canyon.


Independent Publishers Book Award Winner for Multicultural Fiction

ForeWord Magazine YA Fiction Bronze Award

A Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People --the National Council for the Social Studies and the Children's Book Council

WILLA Award Finalist, Young Adult Fiction


On their mesas and plains, an ancient people once built great dwellings and places of worship and for many generations, farmed, hunted, traded and worshipped mighty gods. This is the story of Echo, born in a lucky month when the moon stood still.Her greatest joy is freedom to explore the world around her village. But she must also learn the tedious work she is destined to do as a wife and mother. Suddenly, what seems to be a miracle changes her destiny, and she is forced to leave her village and forget her true love, the man she meant to marry, to be given to the High Priest, Sun Watcher, a man whose power frightens the people of her village. Echo needs two great gifts from her husband—his magic and his power—that govern the lives of all the People. Set in prehistoric Southwestern United States around 900 A.D., in this story of life and death and desire, a girl becomes a young woman who must use her power and strength against the terrifying events and changes her world.

Call Me the Canyon
Under a Standstill Moon
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