Released in August, 2016
from Lake Union Publishing
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An exciting new historical novel set during the 1920s
An exciting new historical novel set during the 1920s

                           Questions for Discussion


  1. In the opening chapter we see two orphaned girls left alone on the docks until Silver comes along.  How did he change the girls’ lives?  In today’s society, would a man like Silver have been able to take them in?

  2. Frieda faces an ethical decision when the opportunity arises to join the rumrunners.  Did you understand her decision?  What do you think you would have done under the same circumstances?

  3. How would you characterize Frieda’s relationship with Hicks at the beginning of the book?  How did it change, and how would you characterize it by the end of the book?

  4. Is Charles a sympathetic character?  Did you care for him and what happened to him?

  5. What do you think attracted Frieda to Charles?  And how was this attraction and her feelings different from what she felt for Hicks?  Why did her feelings change?

  6. Was the relationship with Charles ultimately a help to Frieda?  What did she learn from him?  Did he learn anything from her?

  7. Love and money are recurring threads throughout the novel.  How are love and money connected in this book?  How was this important?

  8. The nature of sisterhood is also explored in this novel.  Describe Bea and Frieda’s relationship.  How did they differ?  Were you ever angry at either one of them?

  9. Did you learn anything about Prohibition and rumrunning as a result of reading this novel?

  10. Forgiveness is another theme in this novel.  Would you have been able to forgive yourself if you were Frieda, and if so, why?

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