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When I stumbled upon a story of truly unsung female heroes during World War I, I knew I’d found the inspiration for my next historical novel.  Banned for service in the US Army, a group of female physicians and surgeons formed the American Women’s Hospital and independently sent an all-female team of doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, and aides to war-torn France in 1918.  Soon after I’d discovered this almost unknown piece of history, a character began to form and take on shape and dimension in my mind. 

Arlene Favier, a young French-speaking horsewoman from Paris, Kentucky, joins the first team of the American Women’s Hospital as an ambulance driver, passes through Paris, France, and ends up serving soldiers and civilians alike on the front lines.  Amid the chaos of war, she never expects to find romantic attention from two very different soldiers, and not only does she find herself in physical danger every day, her heart and belief in the human spirit become endangered, too.  Because even during the days of life and death, things are not always as they appear to be, and not all soldiers are heroes.

MERCY ROAD is available on Amazon and all other online sites and in bookstores.

Author Q & A

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Q:  What is your latest book about?


MERCY ROAD takes inspiration from the true story of the American Women's Hospital during World War I.  A group of unsung American heroes formed an all-female team of doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers to aid the injured and ill in war-torn France and risked their lives on a daily basis doing it, not for personal glory but simply to show that women could help in a war zone and make a difference.  This is a story of one of those team members, an ambulance driver named Arlene, who risks everything.  And this is the 1917 photo that inspired the book's cover.  MERCY ROAD is available for pre-order now.  I hope you enjoy it reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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